How do these new regulations affect me?

Any business that owns roll off bins AND has employees is required to have roll off bins inspected.  When a bin needs to be inspected is relative to when the bin was manufactured.  If the bin was manufactured prior to February 1, 2015, the bin must be inspected by a qualified inspector prior to August 1, 2017.  If the bin was manufactured after February 1, 2015, the bin must be inspected prior to February 1, 2020.

What is a qualified inspector?

“Qualified” is defined in Part 1 of the OHSR to mean being knowledgeable of the work, the hazards involved and the means to control the hazards, by reason of education, training, experience or a combination thereof:

Does WRMI offer inspection services?

Yes, WRMI has qualified personnel available to provide inspection services which will include the necessary documentation required by Worksafe BC.  As per Worksafe BC Regulation 12.182 an owner of a roll-on/roll-off container, and an employer, must keep a record for each roll-on/roll-off container that includes all of the following:

(a) the date of each inspection made under Sections 12.180 and 12.181;

(b) details of any tests conducted, including testing methods and results;

(c) details of any repairs made;

(d) the date before which the next inspection must occur under Section 12.181.

[Enacted by B.C. Reg. 199/2014, effective February 1, 2015.]

How much does it cost to have our bins inspected?

WRMI takes into consideration the costs associated with providing inspection services including travel time, mileage, accommodation requirements, and wages for the period of time it takes to complete an inspection.  It is anticipated that inspections can be completed within 30 minutes per bin.  In an effort to help reduce the costs associated with inspections, WRMI will attempt to book inspection times with other businesses located within your area.

How do I know which bins need to be inspected?

In the case of WRMI, we are going through our records to determine the age of the bins that we have sold to our customers.  In an effort to assist our customers with determining how many bins will need inspection, WRMI will be sending out notification letters with the bin serial number and date of purchase.

How do I see a copy of the new regulations?

Go to the Worksafe BC website and scroll down to Section 12.175 Roll On/Off Containers.

WORKSAFE BC REGULATIONS - Frequently Asked Questions