Every front load container is built with WRMI pride and quality.  

WRMI uses 12 gauge steel to build the floor, top & side channels.  Pockets are built using 10 gauge steel, and the pocket guards are made with 12 gauge steel.    


Fork guides are 3/16”, and caster pads are 3/16” punched for bolts.  There are a variety of lids available including plastic, steel and barn door. Prop rods are ¼”x 2 ½” flat bar.

All front load containers come complete with one (1)  coat of rust inhibiting primer and two (2) coats of industrial enamel specific to your company's requirements.


Customized orders for front load containers are standard practice as there are multiple options as shown below. Pick your preferred style, and the type of lid you require - we will be happy to make your containers to your exact specifications.  Other options include O.C.C. slots and bear resistant lids.