Sometimes bins can be rehabilitated rather than simply being added to a junk pile.  WRMI prides itself on offering our customers the option of rebuilding their bins or providing new bins when older bins simply have to be retired

What does it mean to rebuild a bin?

Quite often older bins can be refurbished by simply replacing the floor and refreshing the exterior with new paint.  WRMI can also provide replacement parts, lids and perform other more general repairs.

What kind of bins can be refurbished?

Any and all sizes of steel bins can be refurbished no matter if they are front load, rear load, roll off, or specialty bins provided that the bin still has structural integrity.

How do we know if a bin can be rebuilt?

Contact us via our Contact page, and we will be happy to review photos of the bins in question.  Often we are able to determine if a bin still has the structural integrity to be rebuilt based on general photographs.

How do we get the bins to WRMI?

WRMI will pick up bins from your location, and transport them to our site where we will complete the refurbishment and subsequently return the bins to you.